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Our Objectives

Promote good environmental programs for our clients and actively seek partnering commitments such as elimination of bin liners and the introduction of correct barrier matting

Reduce all chemical usage by 50% and prioritise the use of natural, non-toxic cleaning products as soon as suitable alternatives become available

Eliminate all plastic rubbish bags as soon as a viable alternative is sourced (recycled paper)

Use 5 micron filter disposable bags in our vacuum cleaners to remove dust particles from our customers buildings

We are Environmentally Responsible

Mimshach Facility Services Inc. is devoted to protecting our planet and its future. We seek to conduct all aspects of our business in a way that protects the quality of the environment and yields a less toxic effect on both our staff and our clients.

Dedicated to high standards

At Mimshach Facility Services Inc., we are dedicated to a high set of standards – designed to ensure cleaning is done with the overall health of employees, tenants, visitors, patients and customer of our clients' facility taking into consideration.

At Mimshach Facility Services Inc., we’re committed to providing the highest quality of commercial and residential cleaning available by exceeding the expectations of our clients. It is our wish to create and maintain prosperous and enjoyable environments where performance can thrive.

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